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Brighter Futures Charity

The Brighter Futures Charity  (See Mobile and Tablet screen shots below).

Brighter Futures aims to provide an extraordinary provision of care to our patients.

We do that by funding a variety of projects which are focused on improving the patient experience. You can donate funds to a specific ward or area of work, or you can support an appeal.

Alternatively, you can donate money to our general fund. These funds are awarded as grants when the Board of Brighter Futures Charitable Fund meets to consider applications to improve patients' care which are received from our staff.

The Board recognises the strategic aims of the Trust and will focus its planning on supporting the key areas of service and provision of care to our patients. In 2015 we embarked on a £2.9 million Radiotherapy fundraising appeal and have generated £1.2 million pounds to date. 

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