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Lets Talk About It

Lets Talk About It (See Mobile and Tablet screen shots below).

Project background and description

Solent NHS needed a website that provided service users with alternatives to face to face visits where available. The website still carries a comprehensive service catalogue with locations, opening and closing times, it uses mapping and location services alongside delivering transport information. However there are improved web based services around STI kit ordering, condom ordering and emergency contraception.

We worked closely with NHS Solent to design user journeys that directed users to questionnaires allowing them to self help and make informed choices, rather than just arriving at the service or phoning.

The algorithms behind the questionnaires direct riskier users to phone numbers or in some cases taking them out of the self help routes and requesting a face to face visit.

The prominent 0300 number also gives users direct access to support rather than visiting a drop in clinic, which may be over subscribed. 

Project goals and objectives

  • To support services users in finding alternatives to face to face appointments where appropriate.
  • To ensure the process of ordering self help testing kits is as simple and seamless as possible.
  • To provide focused access to key information.
  • To support online bookings
  • To provide the best experience to the 84% of Letstalkaboutit website users who access the site solely on mobile devices.

iPad responsive view.

iPhone responsive view.