Secure Form solutions

Transmitting patient identifiable data must be done correctly, safely and securely. The NHS is becoming ever more reliant upon automation and digital services; we provide form solutions that satisfy your Information Governance and security requirements.

Building secure NHS forms to the highest of standards, our BSI ISO/IEC 27001, internationally recognised accreditation requires that we make security our no one priority.

Our forms are:

  1. Built following the BS 8878 Web accessibility – Code of practice recommendations.
  2. Built, with security in mind from the outset, as required by our BSI ISO/IEC 27001 Certification.
  3. SSL secured using Thawte SSL certificates 
  4. Hosted on our servers located in our tier 4 data centres located in the UK
  5. Penetration tested by our security partners.
  6. We work with our clients to fully understand their form requirements, build the form and make changes as required. When we have a fully functioning form and following our testing, we release the form to our clients for their testing. Once signed off we move the form to an SSL encrypted web server and apply the certification to the form.

At this stage we have the form penetration tested by a 3rd party, and when the results are returned, we work with our clients to agree on what if anything needs to be modified and make those changes. Once any changes have been made, the form is available for use; we make it live and accessible to the client for their use.

Our secure forms portfolio is currently delivering secure NHS patient referral forms and secure sexual health testing kit forms to many NHS Trusts across the UK.

With a high-level 3rd party penetration testing report sent directly to you not to us, with forms that have been built to the highest of standards and hosted in 2 of the most secure data centres in Europe. You can be assured that your forms are safe for you and your patients to use.

No high or critical vulnerabilities were identified in the website application, which demonstrates that the application meets security best practice standards.

NCC Group

Our secure forms are designed for transmitting high-risk patient identifiable information from the internet, into NHS organisations. Often these are used to allow patient referral into 24-hour hubs, reducing the need for faxing and telephone calls.

Electronic patient referral puts you in control allowing you to move the referral into your clinical systems at your pace.

By using mandatory fields, you are delivered 100% of the information you need 100% of the time. Unique identifiable reference numbers allow simple referencing for any queries and questions.

Our secure NHS forms are also used as a solution to order sexual health testing kits of many types, with over 20,000 form submissions annually.


UK Data, UK Design, UK Development

All our team are based in the UK, and we do not outsource any work outside of the UK. Our Datacenters are based in the UK, and your stored data never leaves the UK.

High-quality information security management gives you the freedom to grow and innovate, and broaden your use of online tools such as secure NHS forms in the knowledge that all your confidential information will remain that way.

ISO/IEC 27001 is an internationally recognised best practice framework for information security management systems. We have held this standard for over seven years and were re-accredited during October 2014.

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